Monday, July 26, 2010

Ready to use soap porn...

A while ago I was playing with some olive oil and coconut oil blends and tried out a 50/50 one with a little lavender essential oil and came up with this.

No seeing as these are test batch bars I have them econo wrapped and labeled. I have 1 bar for $2, 3 bars @ $4 each and 2 bars @ $5 each

They are all priced out by the weight @ about $1 per ounce.

I can set up a special etsy listing or I also accept paypal.

You can email me for inquiries.


Gretchen Moritz

Soap Porn for July 26th

I've been working on some new soaps, I hope you enjoy!

Above is a beautiful Trippie Hippie scented, clay swirled soap

above is a beautiful Cranberry Yuzu, clay swirled soap with a gold mica sprinkled on top.